Custom wall murals and sound dampening art

Graphic Design Acoustic Art Panels and Wall Mural
Graphic Design Interior Elements at 42 & Lawrence. Left: Overscale “tin” ceiling printed on vinyl.  Bottom Center & Right: graphic design canvas art cleverly hides sound dampening panels


There are many amazing ways to use graphics in your home or business interior!


At 42 & Lawrence in downtown Raleigh, we created a custom ceiling mural incorporating an oversized “tin” ceiling. This custom graphic design element was printed on vinyl and applied to the ceiling similar to wallpaper. We love the overscale look and think it’s a perfect backdrop for our signature bowler hat lights!


The next issue to address was how to deal with sound dampening. There are a lot of hard surfaces in the space – concrete floors, high ceilings and tons of glass. One thing that we did to address this issue was custom graphic design canvas art with sound dampening! Some of the panels are plain fabric that is a perfect match to the wall color. Others were designed to look like normal canvas art.


inspiration for our graphic design sound dampening panels

Vernon & Irene Castle were pioneers of “Modern” Dance – at least what was modern in 1914!

The client loves waltzing, so we found a vintage book called “Modern Dancing” (not too modern anymore since it was published in 1914!) written by Vernon and Irene Castle. (They were the Fred and Ginger before there was Fred and Ginger.) We photographed and edited two images from this book for two of our sound dampening panels.


We had very little actual wall space to work with, so we used one other corner for a 10′ tall tryptic piece of art! It’s inspired by an illustration of the “Serpentine Dance” from the 1890s.


Wild and wonderful, Loie Fuller’s “Serpentine Dance” displayed innovative choreography, elaborate silk costumes and amazing colorful stage lighting effects developed by Fuller herself. Experimenting with the first chemical mixes for slides, gels and luminescent salts with gas lighting and mirrors, she was a pioneer of modern dance and theatre.

Check out this BBC clip to see Fuller’s choreography in action!


We’d love to hear about any graphic design elements that you’d like to consider in your home or business! We can help with custom wallpaper (including removable vinyl wallpaper), wall murals, custom fabrics, custom sound dampening art panels – as well as menu boards, sandwich a-frame signs and signs for the exterior of your building!


Get in touch and check out our services and portfolio for more details!


Custom wall murals and sound dampening art
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