Building a business? Accelerate your brand with the right expert!

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Creating a Brand

One of the most popular interview questions you’ll hear is “What is your greatest strength?”.  When you’re hiring an expert to help you build your brand through graphic design, marketing or advertising, you might expect their answer to be related to color theory or typography, but you know what’s even more important?  Listening.

Any decent designer can make a nice looking logo or business card, but creating a brand for your business is about so much more than that!  It’s about telling your story.  

Listening sounds like a ridiculous characteristic for mentoring, but genuinely being invested and interested in people, meeting them for cups of coffee and spending time with people, and using the network I’ve been very lucky to build up to help others are all things I do to help others. – Sinead Burke


The best graphic designers and branding experts are excellent listeners and communicators. They are naturally curious and want to know their clients – their values and the journey that has made them who they are.  That is the only way a graphic designer or branding consultant can really understand the depths of your business and create marketing materials that show the world who YOU are.

Your brand is the face of your business and should be a reflection of your company’s values and principles.  It should speak directly to your ideal client.  Whether you are an entrepreneur, a small business or a multimillion dollar enterprise, your customers will trust brands that they feel that they know and find relatable. So all of your branding, marketing, and business promotion collateral needs to tell your story, reflect your business values and be consistent. 
(Like in dating, you don’t want to send mixed messages!)


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Building a business? Accelerate your brand with the right expert!
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